What Does Black Eyes Look Like?

Have you ever asked yourself what does black eyes look like? If you have then chances are that you know about Black Eyed Peas. They are a rare breed of dog that was once used as a rat killer and also used to hunt down other animals in the wild. Now they have turned into something that is actually pretty neat.

When you think about what does black eyes look like there are many things that come to mind. One is of course the obvious – black spots on the eyes. It might not be a sight that is pleasant but it is a sight that is definitely there. In fact, some people might think that having black spots on one’s eyes is a bad thing.

Well, there are many things that can contribute to those nasty little spots that look like they are staring back at you. One such contribution is diet. Did you know that peas are packed full of nutrients that help to fight off infections? That is why eating a bunch of peas a day can help to keep your sinus infections from getting any worse.

So what does black eyes look like when your eyes are filled with pus? You guessed it! It is a dark discoloration of the eye. Another contributing factor is dehydration. When your body is dehydrated, sinus infections tend to become more serious.

But what does black eyes actually look like when they aren’t there? Sometimes people don’t really notice that their eyes are red until they get really irritated. Then those fine red veins show through and can even hurt quite a bit. This is why it’s important to drink plenty of water to avoid the irritation.

What does black eyes look like when they aren’t related to infection? Sometimes you just need to scratch that pesky mole that’s been nagging at you for years. The pain can be extreme depending on where you’re mole is located. You could probably pop it a few times a week with a hot salt water wash to relive the pain.

What does black eyes look like when they aren’t related to anything scary? Sometimes we just stare at something in our face that we like. Have you ever stared into the eyes of a person you didn’t know for a few seconds? It can be pretty awesome! Maybe you have done this a few dozen times a day for years. That’s because your eyes are constantly looking at something that you like!

Hopefully this article has given you a few reasons as to what does black eyes look like. Be careful out there because you don’t want to do something that could further damage your eyes. If you ever notice the symptoms, stop right away and go see a doctor. Don’t be embarrassed by it and tell the truth about what’s bothering you. Your eyes are very important, so make sure they’re alright!

Okay, now that you know what does black eyes look like, let’s discuss some home remedies for them. One thing you can do is put a little Vaseline on your eyes. Rub some Vaseline all over your eyeballs. This way, they will be less irritated and dry. If you do this for a couple days, you should start seeing some results!

Another thing you can do is use a warm compress on your eyes. Take a soft cotton swab and soak it in warm water. Gently place it on each eye for a few minutes. Do this for around 30 minutes per treatment. This treatment will help relieve any irritation or redness you might have.

Finally, the last thing you can do for what does black eyes look like is to get a few dark colored contact lenses. You can get the white ones from your optometrist, but I’ve found that the black ones work better for me. They are more dramatic, and they make your eyes stand out even more. They also give you a bit of a dark shadow effect to go along with them. Be sure to change them regularly so you don’t end up ruining your eyesight. These lenses are also much cheaper than buying glasses.

Hopefully this article has given you some new ideas about what does black eyes look like. Remember, if you are dealing with crow’s feet around your eyes, you really need to get a consultation with your doctor. He can prescribe something for you that will solve your problem.