How to Make Black Eyed Peas For New Years

There are many different ways to make blackeyed peas for New Years. One way that you could do this is by actually making them. Although cooking them is much simpler, and quicker, I would suggest using a recipe online first before actually trying it. If you find that the recipe does not work or you find that it is too complicated, then you can always purchase or make some. Here is a simple recipe for you to try.

Start out by taking a large bowl and fill it with water. Add salt and stir the ingredients together until the water is fully mixed. This would be salt, flour, cornmeal, peas, and whatever other ingredients you might add. Next, place your mixture in the middle of your large bowl and pop it into the water. Make sure to not fill up the entire bowl, but keep about half an inch of room at the top for air to circulate.

After you have placed all of your ingredients in the bowl, you will then take a fork and start to stir the mixture. When the peas begin to bubble, it is time to flip them over. When you flip them over, they will look like rosy red little peas. That is the best way that you could describe these little gems. If you want to know how to make blackeyed peas for new years, this is the way that I would recommend.

Another way to make blackeyed peas for new years would be through boiling them. Boiling the peas is something that you could do by hand, but I prefer to use a pressure cooker to accomplish this task. The first thing that you will need to do when it comes to how to make blackeyed peas for new years is to get out your pressure cooker. The best way to do this is to put the lid on it tightly. Next, bring it to a boil and allow it to set for about two minutes. Once the timer goes off, remove the lid and add your peas and cover it loosely.

The next step in learning how to make blackeyed peas for new years is to drain the liquid out of the peas and add it to a large pan of water. Bring the water to a boil and wait for it to boil fully. Once it has completed boiling, take your black eyed peas out of the water and place them in a bowl. Drain the water from them and set them aside to cool down.

Once the peas have cooled down, start washing them one at a time. Be sure to wash them according to the directions on the package. Once all of the peas are washed, cut the package into fourths and place them in a large Ziploc plastic bag. Next, open the zipper and place the peas into your large pot, making sure that they are completely covered with water.

Now that the peas are in the pot, you will want to bring your water to a boil over the top of the peas. Once the water reaches a boil, you will want to cover the pot with a lid. For how to make blackeyed peas for new years, you will want to keep the lid in place for about thirty minutes. During this time, you will want to check the peas periodically and remove them from the pot as needed.

When the time comes to remove the peas from the pot, you will want to first wash them. Do not wash them until the water has actually turned to a dark amber color. Once you have washed them, allow them to drain for about three to four minutes, during which time you will want to wipe them dry with a towel. Once the peas have dried, remove them from the pot and put them in a large container for how to make blackeyed peas for new years. Once they have dried, re-pot them and your vegetable is ready for consumption!