What Do You Eat Black Eyed Peas On New Year’s Eve?

Do you eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Eve? It is customary to consume these popular treats as a part of the evening. As well as being a traditional party food, they are also a healthy food. In this article we will take a look at some health benefits of these peas, and how you can make this a regular part of your regular diet.

So what are these healthy peas? They are peas that are either green or black in colour. They are mainly used in cooking, although they can be found in other foods as well. These versatile vegetables have been used for centuries in different countries for their nutritious benefits. Below we will look at how these peas can help you stay fit.

As it has been noted, black or dark green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin A. This vitamin helps with eye health as it protects the cornea and the retina. The same is also true for folic acid, another vitamin that helps with pregnant women’s brain function. Green and black eyed peas contain a lot of these nutrients, but unfortunately many people do not eat them regularly enough. There are many health benefits of consuming these particular foods on a regular basis. For example, research has found that they help to prevent certain types of cancer.

As well as helping you to stay fit, these vegetables also taste great. Green and black peas in black sauce are always a treat. If you don’t like sauces, you can leave the seeds out, although you should still avoid adding salt to your black peas as this makes them bitter. Alternatively, you could leave the seeds in the pan but add water to cover the seeds, then place over heat until they pop out, allowing them to drain easily.

As far as protein goes, the recommended one is nuts. If you do not have them, the next best thing is poultry, which is high in protein, but you should be wary about using the skin. Nuts have a strange tendency to retain water and when this happens, the peas themselves end up in a sort of mush. However, dark green mixed nuts are great and provide a healthy snack that you will likely be able to eat throughout the day.

If you do eat blackeyed peas on New Year’s Eve, then drinking a cola from a can is a great idea. These beverages are loaded with calcium and folic acid, which help to prevent birth defects in pregnant women. However, you should try to avoid any drinks containing caffeine as this will make you more jittery and can disrupt your sleep patterns.

Finally, avoid alcoholic beverages. Nothing says “relaxing” quite like a few drinks, especially those that contain sugar. If you tend to drink quite a bit, put sugar alternatives in place of alcohol, or consider taking a non-alcoholic supplement. Also, consider making a large batch of your favorite smoothie and serving it to your party. Not only is this a delicious way to have something to sip on at dinner, but it is also a healthier alternative than grabbing some food at a restaurant.

When you are asking yourself the question, “What do you eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s eve? “, remember that moderation is key. If you drink too much or eat too much of one particular food, then you are not doing your body any favors, so stick to light foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.