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Low Histamine Diet – How to Fight Off Histamine Irritation and Avoid Some Gut Health Symptoms

Low Histamine Diet – How to Fight Off Histamine Irritation and Avoid Some Gut Health Symptoms

The low histamine diet has been gaining much attention lately. It’s being used successfully to treat many conditions for which people suffer after eating food containing histamines. For people suffering from HIT, or hyper histamine, the low histamine dieter is often the only treatment available. In most cases, a doctor will prescribe a low histamine diet for their patient with HIT. This article is going to look at how this type of diet can help you treat your own symptoms of histamines.

low histamine diet

The first question everyone asks about the low histamine diet relates to dairy products. Why would dairy produce histamines? Basically, when we eat dairy products, we are getting large amounts of L Histamine, which is a compound that occurs naturally in our bodies. The question is, why would eating large amounts of dairy produce higher amounts of L Histamine? Basically, eating large amounts of dairy can produce gastrointestinal distress, which in turn creates an excess of histamines in the body. So, eating smaller amounts of dairy products can actually reverse the damage and raise your levels of L Histamine in your body!

Another common question deals with proteins. What types of proteins cause the symptoms of allergic reactions? As it turns out, the actual answer is simple: any allergy symptom is made worse by the substance it comes in contact with. When you’re confronted by an allergen, your body releases chemicals (serotonin and histamine) in an effort to fight it. Any foods that contain these substances are going to cause your immune system to increase its activity in an attempt to fight the invaders, creating histamines in the process.

Now, it’s important to note that there is one substance that actually increases the amount of histamines released into the body – caffeine! Caffeine is one of the most potent immuno-suppressants known to man. It blocks histamines from being manufactured, which means that your body will not be producing as many of them to fight off the foreign matter. In addition, consuming large amounts of caffeine can actually trick your body into thinking it is lacking histamines, causing the symptoms of low formal diet. Fortunately, there are foods that are effective at counteracting the effect of caffeine on your body – and these include items like: ginseng, nettle root, alfalfa sprouts, green tea, ginger, and milk thistle. By ingesting these types of foods, you can actually prevent your body from fighting off the histamines that come with allergy symptoms, creating a safe place for them to live inside your intestines!

So, what are some other foods that have been shown to help reduce the effects of low histamine in your body? One very effective natural remedy for histamine problems is to eat certain types of foods which contain an enzyme called “Master Cleanse”. This is a special cleanse designed to help remove built up toxins from the body by breaking them down into simpler compounds. Many people who have used this method of detoxing have reported that the results are dramatic, and they no longer feel cravings or have stomach pain after their fast.

Another powerful natural substance that can be used in your efforts to overcome a low histamine diet are digestive enzymes. These are extracts from a type of root cause plant, which have long been used throughout the world to break down organic waste products that cannot be digested in the body. For example, certain types of alfalfa contain enzymes which can break down carbohydrates in the body and help to prevent the build up of glucose that can cause a person’s sensitivity to have a poor response to foods that contain sugar. Similarly, nettle root can help to break down proteins that cause a person’s stomach to have a bad reaction when digesting them.

If you do not happen to live in an area where you can easily purchase raw meat or fresh meat, or are interested in trying a raw food diet, there are a variety of delicious low histamine foods that you can incorporate into your diet. Among the easiest and most enjoyable of these meals are the “pastas” that you can cook yourself at home. Fresh egg shells, for example, are wonderful for adding some texture to your meals and can be found in a variety of delicious flavors. Similarly, you can find delicious “pastas” for sandwiches, wraps and omelets that are made from eggs or other wholesome plant-based proteins. You can also find “tomato sauce” recipes using ground tomatoes instead of fresh. This will add a different texture to your tomato-based sauces and can reduce your dependence on store bought tomato sauce.

Because your body is able to absorb nutrients much easier than it can tolerate, low histamine intolerance can cause you to experience a number of symptoms. These include things like upset stomachs, excessive sweating, diarrhea, heartburn and constipation. Because these digestive system symptoms can be so problematic, it is important to get to the bottom of your problem as quickly as possible. Fortunately, by making changes to your diet, incorporating the right kinds of foods and using an all natural histamine intolerance remedy, you can significantly reduce your histamine intolerance symptoms and have better gut health.

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