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Nordic Ware Oven – A Bacon Pan For Cooking Up New Recipes

Nordic Ware Oven Baking Guide and Review! Nordic Ware Oven is the most innovative and healthy alternative to traditional frying pans. The best way to make ‘microwave-baked’ bacon for the perfect crisp bacon and drippings! Hot air circulates under the pan and drippings away for a clean, healthier choice. For even dry, evenly cooked bacon with no mess! Think past bacon as well.

The 4 corners of Nordic Ware pan are great for evenly cooking the bacon. A slightly larger pan would also work well and allow for better circulation. If you bake the meat frequently, this is a great investment! It comes with an aluminum rack to hold crumbled bacon, making it easier to add to the oven and keep track of how much is getting cooked.

In addition to great design, this product also has a very useful sliding door for easy cleanup. The Nordic Ware pan allows you to slide the door out when the bacon is cooked or flip over and flip the bottom of the baking dish right side up. This feature makes cleaning up a snap, and it is also useful for reaching in between slices to remove any excess grease or fat. Perfect for using in the slow cooker, as well.

This product comes with an adjustable temperature control so you can set it to a desired level of crispness or browning. The door also locks tightly to keep your bacon from flying out at the touch of a finger. You can leave it closed for a cool, even cooking and be able to leave it open for browning for as long as you like. Some people even leave the door open while they are away on vacation.

This product has been designed to be as simple as possible. It comes complete with a handle, but other than that, there are no extra parts to worry about. It is even dishwasher safe. Many reviews say that Nordic Ware pans are as easy to clean as can be. Some users even say that it cleans up nicely, especially after being used on the grill. Cleaning is even easier with this product because it does not rust.

With all of these wonderful Nordic Ware products, there is no reason to settle when it comes to preparing your favorite dishes. You can choose the one that is right for you and start cooking right away. Get cooking, instead of scrubbing and scratching, toasting up new fabulous breads and frying up new potatoes.