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Snuza Hero – How to Use a Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero baby tracking system attaches to your infant’s diaper and automatically monitors your infant’s movements. The Hero not only detects the slightest of baby movements but will also alert you if the baby movement is less than ten movements per minute or weak. If the Snuza Hero detects no movement for more than 15 seconds, it will loudly vibrate in an attempt to awaken your child to begin normal movement again. Often the Snuza Hero will move to monitor mode and the monitor will sound an audible warning if baby doesn’t start moving.

With its exclusive and easy to understand interface the Snuza Hero can be used by any parent. With its simple detection mechanism, the monitor quickly alerts you when baby moves less than fifteen seconds apart and with its powerful vibrating capability can even detect false alarms. The built in vibrating capability will turn on the sensor when baby moves less than fifteen seconds apart. Even if baby is sleeping and not moving, the monitor will detect movement and sound a warning alarm. If the snooze alarm goes off, it will automatically return to monitor mode and monitor for the remaining amount of time until another alarm is triggered.

The Snuza system provides parents with the ability to monitor their baby up to one year and has the additional feature of a sleep timer. When the baby reaches a certain age (set by you) the sleep timer will start counting down and once the Snuza Hero reaches 20 seconds the sleep timer will end and the monitor will enter sleep mode. When the Snuza detects movement during the night it will automatically turn the monitor off. This prevents the monitor from accidentally activating as a result of a false alarm.

One of the biggest problems with false alarms is that they can startle a baby so a lot of parents have been purchasing extra batteries and have had to replace them several times. In addition to this, the Snuza also has a feature which allows parents to set a time when the baby movement monitor automatically turns itself off. This can prevent the battery from running down completely and allows you to keep using it for the period necessary to keep track of your infant. If you have other monitors then you might consider getting a spare battery and keeping it in a drawer or on hand in case it gets lost.

The Snuza Hero also comes with two months of parental control, which means parents can set a maximum amount of time they want to spend watching the baby. The monitor will then automatically limit play time to no more than twenty seconds per day and only when the baby movement alarm goes off. The device also has a feature that warns you when you are not home and gives you the option of calling an emergency number. The phone number can be pre-called so you never miss an important call.

As well as the monitoring aspect, the Snuza Hero also comes with a video camera so you get a real visual picture of your infant as he or she moves around. It also comes with a humidifier attachment, which makes it easier to monitor your child’s breathing. All these features make it an excellent tool whether you are working at your own home or in a health centre. The monitor even comes with an additional battery which enables you to use it continuously for twenty-four hours while traveling.