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What Is A Dorman 590200 Front Impact Sensor?

The Dorman 590200 Front Impact Sensor is a new front impact sensor that is a vital component for any car. Being used in the front of the car helps to avoid fatal front end collisions with expensive and important items being driven such as the briefcase, laptop, keys and mobile phone. The impact can also prevent against the windscreen being smashed by an in-coming vehicle or the driver. These are all great benefits for the driver and for the pedestrian too.

The Dorman Impact Sensor is manufactured to meet the latest crash regulations and safety requirements being enforced by the Department for Transport. It was only in 1998, when a few new modifications to the car safety certificates were brought about. These modifications saw the addition of a front crush zone, a low-clearance, infra red amber and a vehicle stability analysis. These modifications were seen as being the first of a push towards auto safety. The Dorman has been able to follow through with these efforts and has introduced the front impact sensor into their range of cars.

The Dorman 590200 is fitted with a sensing unit, which is designed to sense the difference between the speed at which the front of the car is travelling and the actual speed at which the vehicle impacts. The unit will either warn the driver or automatically take action to reduce the amount of damage that is caused to the front of the car. It does not matter what the speed is at the time the sensor is activated, the impact will be recorded. The data that is stored will enable the car insurance company to prove that the accident was not due to the driver’s speed and was in fact the fault of another party.

There are a number of additional options available with this modern front impact sensor. They include a night vision option. This will allow the driver to have a better view of the road ahead whilst they are driving, as well as providing additional protection against the possibility of being involved in an accident whilst using their headlights.

When it comes to making a claim on your policy, there is no way that you will be able to put the blame on the unit. It is purely one of those unfortunate events that are bound to happen. If you have a Dorman car then you are automatically entitled to the same level of cover as any other car on the road. However, there are a few factors which can reduce the amount that you are entitled to. One of these is if you are the main driver of the car, and this applies whether you are the owner of the car or the other driver. The more experienced of the two drivers is usually classed as the principal driver and their insurance will be calculated to reflect this.

In conclusion, the Dorman 590200 front impact sensor is a great addition to any cars on the road. However, it is important to understand that it cannot replace road assistance such as locking brake bands. Also, the unit cannot compensate for the weakness of the structure of your doors. Always check with your insurance company if you require any of these items in order to keep your car safe and secure. You should also keep your car up to date with any added security devices by consulting with a car insurance specialist.