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Leisure Time With Jet Cleaners

Leisure time is the one thing that most people dread in their busy lives. It can be spent with friends, relaxing in a hot tub, exercising or anything else that relaxes you. Whether it is for your health or for your stress relief, spending some time in a hot tub is relaxing at the same time. When something goes wrong, though, you can’t help but feel frustrated and even angry.

Jet cleaning keeps spa and jetted bath tub surfaces clear of oils, fats, minerals and organics. These substances will build up over time and clog the filters and hoses. Filters can become clogged from food particles and oils that float through the water. Oil buildup can also cause clogging of the pumps and jets as well. And then, there are the human contaminants: sweat, skin cells, hair, and body oils that can build up on the tub’s surfaces. These things can clog the filters and hoses as well as the pump and jets.

It is important to have a clean spa and Jacuzzi every so often. Keeping them clean helps to prevent illness. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how frequently the spa is used. If it is used infrequently, perhaps once a month, it may be easier to clean less often – like once a year.

Jet cleaning will also improve circulation, which can relieve muscle and joint pain. It will also stimulate lymphatic drainage, helping to keep a home environment healthy and smelling fresh. When jets are blocked, bacteria and allergens can grow and collect under the spa and in the air. This can aggravate allergies and lead to breathing problems.

The cleaning time for each jet is different, depending on its cleaning function. Some jets can be pre-cleaned before use. Other jets must be thoroughly pre-cleaned each time before use. Cleaning times vary based on the type and function of the jets. For example, cleaning time is shorter for an oil-burning unit than it is for a cold-water-based cleaning unit.

When purchasing any type of spa or Jacuzzi, it is important to be cautious about size and fit. Because jets are not only used for bathing; they can also be used for exercise, as well. Because jets are used more often, it is important to purchase the largest size available. A jet cleaner’s size and shape can impact how often it is used throughout a day, as well as its comfort level.