All You Need to Know About N95 Mask?

If you work in a dusty environment, in the presence of fire smoke, gases, vapors, viruses or toxic substances; It is important and mandatory to protect your airways to work safely. Whether you are a painter, welder, firefighter, doctor or just a handyman; you can find a protective mask-like N95 Mask that will suit your use.

Whether is a disposable, half-mask, full-face mask, the important thing is that it complies with the international standard, that is to say, that they meet the requirements of a safety mask. N95 Mask puts at your disposal a large choice among big brands to choose your respiratory mask. Here are all our tips on what you need to know about N95 Mask so you can choose the right respiratory protection mask for your workplace.

What is an N95 mask?

This disposable and certified N95 respirator/mask is designed to provide protection breathing to the wearer. The filtration efficiency level of the N95 mask is 95% or more against oil-free airborne particles when tested with particles 0.3 microns. N95 is fluid-resistant, disposable and can be used in procedures Surgical. The “N” here represents “Does not resist oil” while the “95” indicates an efficiency rate of 95% filtration. Undoubtedly, it is an efficient mask when it comes to features of a disposable mask.

What Is Disposable Respiratory Protection Masks?

Disposable protective masks, like shell masks or foldable masks, are in the vast majority of cases single-use protections. This means that these masks cannot be kept for a second use. They, therefore, meet specific needs. The duration of the effectiveness of this type of mask depends on the conditions under which they are used. As soon as you experience difficulty breathing inside the mask, this indicates that the filter is saturated and that you should change it. We advise you to store your disposable masks away from dust, if possible in an airtight pouch. Otherwise, they risk losing all their effectiveness even before being used.

How Should You Wear the N95 Mask?

An occlusive fit and a cool shave for men is the best protection. We have to do an adjustment test every time we put on a mask. To check your mask, you need to take a deep breath to determine if there are air leaks around the mask. For instructions on wearing the N95 mask or equivalent, see the leaflet provided by the manufacturer.

Do N95 Masks Provide Enough Oxygen, Effective Protection Against Aerosols and Droplets?

Yes, N95 masks are designed to provide at least 95% filtration efficiency against solid aerosols and liquids (0.3 microns in size). Besides, oxygen molecules can pass freely through the N95 mask. Individuals wearing an N95 mask get enough oxygen. Also, the carbon dioxide levels in the N95 masks are at a safe level.

How Long, And How Often Can I Wear the Same N95 Mask?

The duration of effectiveness of an N95 disposable mask may vary, depending on the usage or environment where it is used. Normally, the wearing time of an N95 disposable shortage is based on the humidity created by exhalation and perspiration in the mask. When there is more humidity, the user will notice that gradually it is more difficult to breathe. In this case, it must be replaced. Leave the room, and in accordance with infection control protocols, remove the disposable mask and put on a new one. Also if your N95 mask is dirty, damaged or torn you are advised to dispose of; the N95 model is a disposable mask. You can throw it away even if it is not dirty, damp or damaged after using it. You can follow the instructions below to help you know when to dispose of your N95 mask:

  • Examine the face shield of the mask carefully to determine if it conforms. You have to throw it out if you detect cuts, tears, or creases in the airtight section or if the filter material is damaged or dirty.
  • Check the ventilator straps; make sure they are not cut or damaged.
  • Make sure the metal nose clip is in place and working properly (if applicable).

Disposable masks/respirators should not be stored after use. You have to throw them away.

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