Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Review

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is an Amazon tablet released in 2018. The tablet has an 8-inch HD screen, a 1.3 GHz quad-core SoC supported by 1.5 GB of RAM and runs FireOS, a derivative of Android with the Amazon Store. It is a device that has been renewed with respect to the Fire HD of last year. Though some of the recommended features were not incoroperated but the tablet does offer a lot technically, which is a great value for its price.

However, we have tested the new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet and have decided to share some of our experiences as it relates to it good and bad fqualities. Thus, we review what are its weaknesses, where it has convinced us the most and what kind of tasks we can perform with the tablet turned into the Amazon ecosystem.

What Is Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet Made of?

The Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018) is positioned as one of the most updated in the tablet market. And it draws attention because the changes compared to last year’s model are minimal. It has support for SD cards up to 400GB, a slightly lower weight, improved front camera and a battery with some more capacity.

Amazon offers us a very cheap tablet and that shows in the design and performance sections, but the general level is quite high and for its price we believe that they have achieved an interesting product. This is a tablet for those looking for a screen clearly device that is larger and even for those who wish to read or watch videos from such device.

This new Fire HD 8 looks almost identical to the rest of Amazon tablets. The differences between the Fire HD 8 2017 and 2018 can be counted on the fingers of one hand. They have the same screen, same processor, same RAM and same storage, only the number of megapixels of the camera, the version of Fire OS or the format that have evolved from one version to another.

This fire HD tablet features an eight-inch panel with IPS technology and an HD resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which gives a density of about 189 dpi. It is a fact that if it is compared to the screen of most phones is far behind. The pixels are easily appreciated and the sharpness is not up to what most modern devices usually offer. Even so, as in most sections, the Fire HD 8 (2018) panel is of sufficient quality.

Unique features of the Fire HD 8 Tablet


At first glance, it becomes hard not to compare this Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet with Google’s Nexus 7. Except the screen diagonal, we find the same format; with wide borders, a textured plastic back and a screen in 16: 9 format. However, on closer inspection, the Fire HD 2018 does have its share of special features.

At the location of the buttons and connectors first. Nothing on the lower edge, a single microSD slot on the right and a speaker on the left. It is on the upper edge that Amazon has concentrated all access. It also has a micro-USB socket and headphone output and features volume keys and the power button. However, the tablet interface flips in any direction, which makes it more unique and adoring.

Software Interface

Like all Amazon tablets, the main originality of the Fire HD 8 (2018) lies in its interface. It is not powered by Android as we know it, but by Fire OS, a fork of the Google system which completely revises its interface and does not benefit from Google Mobile Services. Here, you are in the Amazon ecosystem and it only gives natively access to the applications available in the Amazon App Store. Suffice to say that we quickly find ourselves limited both in terms of games and applications.

Like any other Amazon tablet, it offers a limited user experience due to the manufacturer’s limitations. If you use the device with a Google account or if you want to continue using the services of your Android smartphone, it is not that easy. Installation of the Play Store is possible but remains a bit complicated. Once the process is complete, you can take advantage of the integration with Google and sync your Android account with the tablet.

Amazon uses the software as a showcase for its digital product portfolio. EBooks, music, movies and streaming of certain services, audiobooks, podcast players, and electronic journals are all available. Those who subscribe to Prime services can take advantage of the usual services. Those who are reluctant to Amazon’s ecosystem will therefore be greatly disappointed by this Fire HD Tablet.

Apple Music, Google Play Music, Google Photos, and other services that may be described as competitors are not listed on the Amazon App Store. The same argument applies to the Play Store, you will need to find the APK and install it.


With its MediaTek MT8163 quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz and its 1.5 GB of RAM, it offer a fare screen brightness. The IPS technology of the screen allows it to offer good viewing angles. However, under sunlight, the Fire HD 8 (2018) shows its limits and the brightness is therefore insufficient.


For photography, the Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018) uses a simple rear camera, without flash or second sensor, of 2 megapixels with an aperture of f / 2.2. The cameras have never been the strong point of the tablets and less in the cheaper ones. It is not a device designed to take pictures, although a 2-megapixel rear camera with capacity to record video in 720p and another front camera with the same characteristics is included.

Nor does it accompany the camera application, tremendously simple. A main shutter button, a side menu for video and settings to change exposure, timer, frame and HDR mode.

Sound Quality

Thanks to the built-in speakers, the Fire HD Tablet is easy to watch TV series. You can follow the dialogues smoothly and the voices are played. Dolby Atmos sound being lacking, the absence of bass is felt. Fortunately, you can still connect your headphones to the outlet.

Battery Life

The tablet offers an excellent standby time of one week. When used moderately, it reaches 11 hours of autonomy with the screen activated. On PC Mag, the Fire HD Tablet obtained with maximum brightness and non-stop WiFi, a score of 6 hours and 14 minutes.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Durable body.
  • Works as an Echo Show.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Headphone jack.


  • Amazon’s app store falls short of Google Play.
  • UI is very oriented toward showing Amazon content.

Conclusion If you have no problem with the software interface, you will love this Fire HD 8 Tablet. The integration of Alexa makes this tablet a kind of portable Echo Dot to allow you to control your connected home with voice commands. For the rest, we find the qualities and defects of the Fire range, namely a cheap tablet that works well but pushes too much to buy.

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