Why Do You Need the Best Smart Doorbells?

Are you aware of the importance and benefits of a smart doorbell in our modern-day society, considering the present-day security challenges in society? This modern device not only allows you to be in direct contact with your visitor, but also allows you to see him when he is outside your door, no matter where you are. So, this article is meant to provide you enough information so you be able to know the options available and what sets the doorbells apart from each other.

How Does a Connected Doorbell Work?

A connected doorbell always works in combination with a smartphone. The doorbell is connected to your smartphone via your router. When someone rings the doorbell, you receive a push notification via the app. You can also see who is outside your door when you are not at home, which is very useful. If the person in front of your door is the delivery man, you can send him to the neighbor’s opposite. However, make sure that your smartphone is charged and that the internet connection is good as well. Thus these doorbells with this feature are known as wireless doorbells with video.

Features of Wireless Doorbells with Video

Motion detection

Video bells are often paired with mobile devices and the manufacturer’s app to provide notifications. One of the most important sensors is the passive infrared sensor (PIR) motion detector controlled by infrared lights for people or objects in view. Once a motion has been detected using the video doorbell sensor, smart technology will notify you via the app with mobile notification for more ease and convenience. Some bells allow you to control the sensitivity of the PIR sensor to objects on your doorstep to determine whether or not you receive a notification.

Multi-User Functionality

Families often have more than one loved one who can answer the door. The multi-user functionality gives children and parents access to receive notifications and respond to the video doorbell at no additional cost. Popular video doorbells send notifications to other users when someone answers the doorbell on behalf of the family. And if you are not quite ready to give your kids control of the doorbell using an app, many options include home control panels to see who is at the door.

Easy Installation with Automatic Theft Detection

Video doorbells are installed in two ways. They run on batteries or connect to the wiring of your existing doorbell with little or no rewiring required. Regardless of the installation, the video doorbell should not be easy to remove due to theft. Most video doorbells are installed with a security screw to prevent tampering. If the doorbell is removed, most smart doorbells will automatically send a mobile notification alerting the user.

Night Vision

Most doorbell video cameras use infrared lights to show who is at the door at night. The infrared lights of doorbell video cameras often illuminate the person in black and white and provide more light than if one relied on a porch or a lamppost. For your safety, buy only video doorbells with night vision included seeing clearly who is at your door without any hesitation.

Weather Resistance

Weather conditions are often unpredictable. Weatherproof video doorbell cameras withstand heavy rain, humidity and extreme temperatures which can drop well below freezing or exceed 100 degrees on summer days. To get your money’s worth, make sure the video doorbell is weatherproof. Some doorbell cameras can withstand temperatures of -5 degrees and over 120 degrees and operate normally.

Video Storage

Recording the daily activity of your wireless doorbell will necessarily take up a lot of storage space. The two most common options for storing doorbell photos and videos are cloud storage or a memory card, depending on the provider. Most cloud storage options are offered with a monthly plan, while memory cards are a one-time purchase. When thinking about storage, consider a doorbell camera that offers both options.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Video Connected Doorbell

Connected doorbells provide an instant upgrade to your security and are handy, but there are a few things to consider before taking out the toolbox and starting to disassemble your current doorbell.

What Makes a Video Doorbell Smart?

Smart bells work like other connected products, which means they connect to the Internet and your phone or computer through an app. A smart doorbell may even be able to connect to other connected devices as part of a larger home automation installation.

Most smart doorbells use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and other devices. They are generally equipped with cameras, speakers and a video recording system. You can also find smart doorbells that use Bluetooth technology. The main difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth doorbells is the range in which you can access the doorbell and its functions.

The main elements that equip a connected lock include:

  • A wide-angle video camera.
  • A speaker.
  • A push-button to ring (doorbell button).
  • A receiver to display video in real-time.

Like the connected locks, once the doorbell rings you can open the door remotely.

Why Do I Need a Wireless Doorbell?

The main reason to improve your doorbell is convenience. A connected doorbell is like a peephole through which you can see, no matter where you are. Wireless doorbells with video also provide additional security. Whether you are at the office or shopping, you can see who is approaching your home. This allows you to identify any suspicious characters and helps you keep an eye on packages and other deliveries. If you combine your smart doorbell with a smart lock, you can also allow entry for dog walkers, housekeepers, and other visitors.

Will It Work with My Existing Doorbell?

If you already have a doorbell, a video doorbell could easily replace it and connect to existing wiring. This allows you to rely on a wired power supply instead of simple batteries. Wi-Fi doorbells that don’t require a battery are usually smaller, keeping them safe from vandals or potential thieves.

If you don’t have a doorbell yet, you can still enjoy a smart doorbell, just use a wireless battery-powered doorbell. Look for a doorbell that makes it easy to remove the battery for charging, or buy a backup battery just in case.

What Internet Connection Do I Need for A Wi-Fi Doorbell?

Most of the smart doorbells perform best with a download speed of at least 2 Mbps. Since smart doorbells are more likely to download data upstream than downstream, the proper download speed is essential. Whether your doorbell is registered all the time or only when it is triggered can affect the speed your doorbell needs. If your doorbell is streaming video, it should also have a faster speed.

The Benefits of Video Doorbells

The peephole’s view shows an overview of what is on the other side of your door. Video doorbells have only one goal in mind – your safety. There are many choices for a lens, audio and mobile application features. Whichever one works best for you, there are some common benefits that you will notice almost immediately:

Best Exterior View

No more squinting through the peephole and asking who is on the other side. With the doorbell cameras, you can watch before answering the door using your mobile app. And if you are not comfortable responding, most doorbell video cameras will allow you to record the activity or take a photo to review it later.

A Smarter Home

Technology is taking smart homes to a new level with more control. Most video doorbells connect to other smart home devices, like Alexa or smart locks, to conveniently control your home with an app, voice commands, or a built-in control panel for convenience.

Increased Safety at Home With built-in cameras and microphones, you will always know exactly who was in your home and when. With a few simple additional security measures, you will feel more comfortable knowing who is at home even when you are not there.

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